ActionCalendar & Sideeyes: Climate March Recap, TrumpCare, and More!


We had friends of the Cast and hosts of the Chakras & Sideeyes podcast, Kilan Bishop and Mariama Gregory in the studio for our first crossover episode!

Kilan is earning her PhD in breast cancer research at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, currently sits of the City of Miami’s Sea Level Rise Committee, and recently spoke at the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C. Mariama is an independent digital media strategist working with--among other organizations--Power U Center for Social Change.

Listen to Kilan’s recap of speaking at the national People’s Climate March, find out what’s coming up in ResistanceLand, and get more info on our Florida Action Cast studio audience tapings coming up May 22nd and 25th in Orlando and Miami!




Wednesday-Thursday, May 3rd-4th

Saturday, May 13th

Monday, May 22nd

  • Florida Action Cast Live Taping, Orlando (more info soon)

Monday-Wednesday, May 22nd-May 31st

Thursday, May 25th

  • Florida Action Cast Live Taping, Miami (more info soon)

Saturday, June 3rd