Episode 6: Show Florida Your Taxes Donald!

Since 1973 when Richard Nixon released his taxes in connection with the Watergate investigation, every American president or presidential candidate has released some for of his or her tax return information to the public.

Everyone except, number 45, Donald Trump.

This coming Saturday, April 15th, people across Florida and across the world who are appalled by this unprecedented lack of transparency and being kept in the dark about the president’s foreign conflicts of interest and crooked business dealings will take to the streets for the first ever Tax March.

Emma Collum, Executive Director of Women’s March Florida/Head of Field Operations for the national Women’s March organization and an organizer for the West Palm Beach march, Ashley Johnston, an organizer for the Orlando march, and John Aloszka, an organizer for the Jacksonville march sat down to discuss their upcoming events and larger implications for the statewide up swell in resistance energy.    

Here's links for points of clarification and resources discussed on the show:

All Marches Take Place Saturday April 15th


Clarifications/Background for References Made