Episdoe 1 : International Women's Day

For our very first episode, we had the chance to sit down with Lutze Segu, Gender Justice Organizer for the Miami Worker's Center and New Florida Majority and Drey Aradanas, founder of the podcast Miami Grrrl.

Both Lutze and Drey are working on Women's Strike events for International Women's Day:

A Day Without Women - 10AM

International Women's Strike: Femmes Day of Resistance - 6PM

Listen to our first episode to hear from them about what to expect at their events as well as the opportunities and challenges presented by the swell in support for the women's movement. 

A note for listeners: in the episode we discuss Miami-Dade County's status as a "sanctuary city". Though there is no clear legally accepted definition for this term, in 2013 the Miami-Dade County Commission voted not to honor detention requests from federal immigration officials, thus earning it the distinction sanctuary city. Early this year, Mayor Gimenez, in a decision supported by the county commission by a 9-3 vote, reversed this decision. You can read more here.