Episode 2: Environment and Energy

From sea level rise to toxic algae blooms, our region and state is confronted with many environmental challenges. Florida Action Cast sat down with Pete Gonzalez, Director of Policy and Chairman at Urban Paradise Guild.

Here are some notes on specific upcoming actions/events and other topics that came up in the discussion:

Tomorrow: Take the Keys by Storm - canvassing in Florida House District 120 to get get constituents to support fracking ban and Everglades restoration. The House member from this district, Holly Raschein, is the Chair of the Natural Resources and Public Lands Subcommittee in the House and is on the fence on many of the key issue.

Email pete@urban-paradise.org to join in.

March 21st-22nd: Reclaiming Florida's Future - Two days of training and environmental advocacy starting in locations across the state and converging on the State Capitol Building in Tallahassee. 

More info and sign up.

At one point it was mentioned that Governor Scott prohibited legislators from using the term "climate change." While there's no record of Scott issuing such a directive to legislators, this story from the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting details the unwritten policy of not using the term or associated terms at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection coincided with Scott's rise to power.

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